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Caring for your Handbag

Here at Style Capital we strive to offer our customers quality products made from the finest leathers sourced from all over the world. To ensure that the product you purchased maintains its appearance, we recommend you follow these few simple practices:
  1. Store your product in a cool, dry and safe place when not in use
  2. Never store your product in plastic bags as the leather will sweat
  3. Store in a place where air can circulate and keep it away from direct sunlight
  4. Avoid overfilling your product as this may cause stretching and deformation in the leather/material

Depending on what leather your product is made from, the life and look of it can be greatly affected by the way it is cared for. Your product needs to be moisturized and protected on a regular basis. 

We have a Leather Dew that is made from a special blend of oils and waxes which softens, cleans and protects your leather products. 


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